University of California, Santa Barbara
  • What is a Consortium Agreement?

    The Consortium Agreement is an agreement between the UCSB Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and another school or organization within the United States that sponsors the non-UC program in which you wish to enroll. The other school or organization certifies your enrollment in their program and agrees to coordinate your Financial Aid eligibility with UCSB.

    Although many Consortium Agreements are for non-UC study abroad programs outside of the United States, Consortium Agreements also include domestic non-UC programs within the United States.

  • Can I Still Receive Financial Aid while Studying Abroad through Consortium?

    Students are eligible to receive Financial Aid while in a non-UC sponsored program (both within the United States and abroad) as long as the units will transfer to UCSB. However, their non-UC program must be through another school or organization within the United States.

  • How will the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Know I am Studying Abroad?

    In order for our office to know that you are studying abroad, you must complete and submit a Request for a Consortium/Contractual Agreement form and an Approval of Transfer Credit form signed by Admissions. These forms are available in our office. We will contact the host school and request that they sign and agree to the terms in the Consortium/Contractual Agreement.

  • Am I Eligible to Request a Consortium Agreement?

    You must be a continuing, degree-seeking student at UCSB. Returning students in their first quarter of readmission are not eligible during that first quarter.

    You are also not eligible to apply if you have been academically dismissed by your college or you are on academic probation and subject to dismissal, suspended, or dismissed due to disciplinary reasons.

  • Is there a Deadline to Submit a Request for a Consortium Agreement?

    Yes. There is a separate deadline each quarter by which a Request for a Consortium Agreement must be submitted for a non-UC study abroad program. In most cases, the deadline is usually about 3-4 weeks prior to the beginning of the UCSB quarter or summer session.

    These deadline dates are published on our Calendar.

  • Do I Receive the Same Amount of Financial Aid?

    The amount of Financial Aid is based on the cost of attending the non-UC program. The type of aid that is available is limited to federal funds (Pell Grant, Direct Loans, and PLUS loans) and state funds (Cal Grant, if eligible). Student may also apply for alternative loans. University grants and scholarships are not available for non-UC study abroad programs.

    External scholarships may be used towards your Consortium as long as the donor approves the use of the scholarship towards non-UC study programs. We will contact the donor to confirm whether or not your scholarship may be used for Consortium.

  • Is there a Minimum Unit Requirement?

    You must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 transferable units per quarter/semester during your Consortium enrollment. UCSB’s Admission Office verifies your units will transfer before you leave. Upon your return, you must transfer those units to UCSB.

  • When will I Receive My Financial Aid Award Letter for Consortium?

    When our office receives the signed Consortium Agreement from the non-UC program and we have received all other required documents to determine your Financial Aid eligibility, you will receive an e-mail directing you to go to My Aid Status to access and review your award letter.

  • How and When does My Financial Aid Get Disbursed?

    Your Financial Aid disbursement will be sent to your bank account or your local address. We highly encourage students to sign up for direct deposit with BARC or update their local address on GOLD to match their permanent address. Your aid will disburse no sooner than seven days before the start date of your non-UC program. It may be later if you have not completed the general requirements for receiving Financial Aid, such as submitting required documents or completing loan requirements. Visit Applying and Types of Aid for more information about these general requirements.

    If you have program charges that must be paid sooner than this disbursement schedule will allow, you should contact the school or organization about your payment options.

  • How will the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Know that My Units have Transferred?

    It is your responsibility to request that your non-UC institution send an official grade transcript to UCSB within 45 days of the completion of your program. Our office will monitor your Financial Aid file and request confirmation from the UCSB Office of the Registrar that your units have transferred. If no official transcript is received or if at least 6 units did not transfer to UCSB, you will be billed for the Financial Aid you received for your non-UC program. These charges will be placed on your UCSB BARC account.

  • Do I Need to Inform the Office of the Registrar About My Consortium Plans?

    Yes. It is important that you review all of the information on the Office of the Registrar website regarding Consortiums.