Financial Aid Matters Guide for Students and Parents

We view financial aid as an investment that requires a partnership between our office, students and parents. It requires open communication and collaboration from the point of filing the first application to loan repayment after graduation.

Financial Aid Matters Guide

A Guide for Students and Parents

We developed this resource in hopes of providing you the information you should know about your student’s financial responsibilities, including:

  • How to navigate the award letter and determine net costs
  • The verification process and important dates and deadlines
  • How the cost of attendance and financial aid eligibility is determined
  • Loan options, budgeting, smart borrowing, and repayment
  • Billing, disbursements, authorization of charges, and refunds
  • Term and conditions, revisions, and return of aid
  • Special circumstances and appeals

How to Request a Tax Return Transcript and/or Verification of Non-Filing Form

If you need to request a student or parent tax return transcript from the IRS, please review our step-by-step instructions.

Tired of Waiting in Long Lines? Join QLess, the Virtual Queue!

With QLess, students will now have the ability to join a virtual queue:

  • On our website’s homepage
  • Texting OFAS to 805-585-5821
  • Using the QLess app on their mobile phones
  • On the kiosk in our lobby

Students can join the queue 5 minutes before we open!

Once in the virtual queue, students can wait where they want. QLess will provide them with text updates on where they are in line and predictive wait times so students know when we are ready to serve them.