Students sometimes find that they need to withdraw from school. Whatever the reason, you should first discuss your decision with an academic advisor in your college or department. They can direct you to resources that are available and guide you through the withdrawal process. Financial Aid recipients who withdraw may lose all or some of their financial aid eligibility. For more information regarding the effects of withdrawing on Financial Aid, please review our Guide to the Return to Title IV Aid Fund or our Return to Title IV funds policy.

Returning to UCSB

If you wish to register at UCSB after having been absent for at least one quarter, after having been lapsed, or after a complete withdrawal, you must file an application for readmission with the Office of the Registrar. Please keep in mind that there are strict deadlines for readmission applications. Graduate students who wish to register after a break in enrollment must petition for reinstatement with the Graduate Division.

If you are readmitted to UCSB and you have applied for Financial Aid for the academic year in which you are returning to UCSB, our office will reinstate your Financial Aid award.