• Have You Completed All Loan Requirements?

    If you are applying for a loan, make sure that you have accepted your loans through My Aid Status and completed all loan requirements.
  • Is Your Financial Aid File Complete?

    Check My Aid Status and ensure that our office has received your FAFSA or Dream Application and all of your Required Documents.
  • Have You Enrolled in Classes?

    To register for classes, use GOLD.

    Undergraduate students must be enrolled in at least 6 units (graduate students: 4 units) for Financial Aid to credit to their BARC account.

  • Will Your Fees be Paid or Deferred by the Deadline?

    Check how much Financial Aid has disbursed to your BARC account. Undergraduate students who have a “balance due” on their BARC accounts must pay or defer this balance by 4pm on the fee payment deadline in order to avoid a $50 late payment fee (assessed by the Office of the Registrar) and to protect enrollment.

    If your aid is not sufficient to pay your BARC charges or your Financial Aid is not ready to disburse by the deadline, you may enter into a deferred billing agreement with the UCSB Billing Office by completing a Financial Aid Payment Form. Please note that the BARC Office assesses a $25 charge to defer your “now due” charges.

  • How Will You Receive Your Refund?

    Refunds are mailed to your local address (as listed on GOLD) unless you enroll in eRefund through the BARC office, in which case the funds will be direct deposited into your bank account.

    Students who have a credit balance as a result of Financial Aid, loans, or graduate credits will have their direct deposit released to their designated account as early as a week before the first day of classes. For students who have not requested direct deposit, checks will be mailed to local addresses no sooner than seven days before the start of classes.

    Students living in non-University owned housing should use the proceeds of their refund check to pay their room and board.