Education Abroad Program

  • What are my study abroad options?

    Students have the ability to study abroad through these programs:
    • UCEAP: UC students have the opportunity to student at over 40 countries. You can search programs by county, major, and interests on the Program Builder Site. All financial aid you receive at UCSB could be applied to these programs.
    • UCDC: This program provides UCSB students with a unique opportunity to live, work as interns, and study in Washington, D.C. Eligibility and application information can be found on the College of Letters and Science website. All financial aid you receive at UCSB could be applied to this programs.
    • Wildlands: This program offers students an opportunity to study in the backcountry and learn about the issues affecting our wildlands through the Western Washington University. Only federal and state financial aid could be applied towards these programs. For more information, please visit our office.
  • Can I use financial aid to study abroad with UCEAP?

    Yes! All eligible student can use federal, state, and institutional financial aid to study abroad through UCEAP. This includes:
    • Pell Grant
    • Cal Grant
    • UCSB Scholarships
    • FSEOG Grant
    • Cal Vet Tuition Waivers, Post 9/11 GI Bill, and other VA Education Benefits
    • Federal Student Loans, including the subsidized, unsubsidized, and Parent PLUS loans
    • Private scholarships
    • Private student loans
  • What do I need to do to receive financial aid for my study abroad program?

    EAP students apply for Financial Aid in the same way as any other undergraduate student. This includes:
    • Submitting your FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application by March 2nd each year
      • This also applies to graduating seniors participating in a summer abroad program.
    • Submitting all documents requested by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
    The UCSB EAP office will send us all the information we need regarding your program to create your study abroad financial aid award once you have been accepted to your program. Our office will provide your adjusted financial aid award letter approximately one month prior to the start of your program.
  • How does the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Know that I am an EAP Student?

    The campus EAP office will provide our office with a list of EAP participants.
  • When will I Receive My Financial Aid Award?

    Your Financial Aid award will be available once the budget for your EAP program has been determined and your FAFSA or CA DREAM application has been processed by our office. Your award will be adjusted according to your EAP cost budget. After you are awarded, you will receive an e-mail from our office, notifying you that your award is available to be viewed on the "Award Letter" tab of My Aid Status. We will make every effort to have your award available at least 30 days before the start of your program.
  • Will my financial aid differ from my UCSB package?

    Yes, your financial aid will be adjusted to meet the total cost of your program.
  • What will my financial aid cover for my UCEAP program?

    Your financial aid will cover the total cost of your program. Your program budget will consist of tuition and fees, room and board, insurance, roundtrip airfare, incidentals, transportation but not personal entertainment expenses.


  • How will I Receive My Financial Aid?

    Our office will notify the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) Office of the Financial Aid awarded to you. Those awards committed by our office will be applied to your MyEAP account. If there is a remaining credit balance after the fees ar paid, the money will be disbursed to you in one payment or a series of payments by the UCEAP office. For more information regarding disbursements, please visit the UCEAP website. Disbursements can be automatically deposited in an account that you designate to UCEAP or a check will be sent to the U.S. address indicated on the EAP Financial Address form.
  • What is a Visa Letter? Do I Need One?

    Some students need to show proof of financial support in order to receive a visa to study abroad. You must complete the Visa Letter Request Form, which is available in our office at the front desk or can be printed online here: EAP Visa Letter Request Form. Please allow three business days for processing.
  • What Happens to My Work-Study Funds while I am Abroad?

    Work-study funds will be automatically converted into additional loan eligibility.
  • Are There Any Scholarships Available for EAP Students?

    You can find information about EAP scholarships on the UCOP EAP website and UCSB EAP website.
  • How do I Designate a Relative or Other Responsible Party to Act on My Behalf?

    EAP students are strongly encouraged to designate a relative or other responsible party to act on their behalf by completing the following two forms:

    • Power of Attorney: The person assigned Power of Attorney has the authority to conduct financial transactions in your place while you are abroad. This arrangement cannot be established once the student is abroad, as it requires notarization. For more information, visit the Power of Attorney FAQ's.
    • Consent to Release: This form allows the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to release Financial Aid information to the third party that you designate. You may access this form on our Forms tab.
  • What Happens if I Withdraw From My EAP Program?

    If you withdraw from the EAP program pre-departure, any aid that has credited to you will be debited from your EAP account. If you attend UCSB, we will reinstate aid for that term once you enroll. 
    If you withdraw from the EAP program post-departure, the UCEAP Office will revise your aid and a Withdrawal calculation will be done by our office. Once the revision is done, you may need to pay back money to UCEAP. 
  • How do I Pay for Airfare?

    You are required to pay for airfare up front and may be reimbursed when you receive your financial aid disbursement. Your aid will disburse no sooner than seven days before the start date of your program.
  • Can I receive financial aid to study abroad as a 5th year?

    Students in their 5th year may still be eligible for financial aid to study abroad. If you’re considering studying abroad as a 5th year, be sure to submit the FAFSA application by the March 2nd deadline and consult with your academic counselor and a financial aid advisor prior to finalizing your study abroad plans.

To request an estimate for your UCEAP program, please email with your perm number, program, country, and term.