Office Of Financial Aid And Scholarships

Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3180 Telephone (805) 893‑2432
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Education Abroad Program

  • How do I Apply for Financial Aid for EAP?
  • How does the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Know that I am an EAP Student?
  • When will I Receive My Financial Aid Award?
  • How will I Receive My Financial Aid?
  • Will My Grants and Scholarships Transfer to My EAP Program?
  • What Happens to My Work-Study Funds while I am Abroad?
  • Are There Any Scholarships Available for EAP Students?
  • What is a Visa Letter? Do I Need One?
  • How do I Designate a Relative or Other Responsible Party to Act on My Behalf?
  • What Happens if I Withdraw From My EAP Program?
  • How do I Pay for Airfare?