Education Abroad Program

  • Availability of Aid

    Your financial aid eligibility will cover the total cost of your program. Your program budget consists of tuition, fees, room and board, insurance, roundtrip airfare, incidentals, transportation. It does not include personal entertainment expenses and leisure travel.

    EAP students are awarded based on their program budget. If your EAP budget is greater than the UCSB budget, you will be awarded additional loan eligibility. If your EAP budget is less than the UCSB budget, your financial aid will be reduced.

    Academic Year:

    • All types of financial aid are available during the academic year, including institutional aid, state aid, federal grants, scholarships, Cal Vet Tuition Waiver, federal and private loans. Unfortunately, Post 9/11 GI Bill and other federal VA Education Benefits (besides Cal Vet Tuition Waiver) cannot be used for EAP programs at this time. Work-Study cannot be used abroad and will be converted into additional loan eligibility.


    • Financial aid for summer programs are limited to residual Pell Grant, unaccepted Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans from the academic year or additional Direct Parent Plus Loan/ Private Loans. Students with financial need who filed the FAFSA or CADAA on time, could be eligible for a UCSB Summer Scholarship. The exact amount of the UCSB Summer Scholarship will not be known until closer to the summer. No additional applications are required during the summer to receive financial aid.

    Be sure apply or accept your loans as early as possible in order to avoid delays.

    *View our EAP FAM Guide more information.

  • Receiving Financial Aid

    EAP students apply for Financial Aid in the same way as any other undergraduate student.

    • Submitting your FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application (CADAA) by March 2nd each year. This also applies to graduating seniors participating in a summer abroad program.
    • Submitting all documents requested by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships in a timely manner.

    The UCSB EAP office will provide our office with a list of EAP participants. Once the budget for your EAP program has been determined, your award will be adjusted to your program cost and you will receive notification of your revised award letter approximately 30 days before the start of your program. Your award can be viewed on your My Aid Status portal.

    Our office will notify the University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) Office of the Financial Aid awarded to you.  Those awards committed by our office will be applied to your MyEAP account.

  • Payments and Disbursements

    Financial Aid students are deferred from their first payment deadline until the OFAS notifies UCEAP of their financial aid award. UCEAP will apply the financial aid toward your mandatory program fees.

    • If your financial aid is less than the EAP program fees, you’re responsible for the difference by the second/final payment deadline.
    • If your financial aid exceeds the EAP program fees, you’ll receive a refund no sooner than 10 days before the start of your program.

    To view your balance please go to your MyEAP account.

    For information regarding refund/disbursements please refer to the UCEAP website and review your UCEAP portal. If you have questions regarding your refund/disbursement, please contact your finance account for the program.

  • Refund Information

    UCEAP provides students with refunds via direct deposit or mail.

    • Direct Deposit: Log into your MyEAP account and select “E-Refund Sign Up” 
    • Postal Mail: UCEAP will mail checks to the U.S. address listed on your “MyEAPAccount.” Once these have been mailed, it can take approximately 10 business days to receive the paper check. If you change the address listed on your EAP portal, you must email your EAP finance accountant
    • Note: E-mail your EAP Student Finance Accountant if you change your address in MyEAP account after the program pre-departure withdrawal date.

     *All financial aid will apply to your MyEAP account and pay towards your program fees.

  • Withdrawing

    If you withdraw prior to the program start date, you will be a pre-departure withdrawal. Any financial aid that has been awarded will be retracted via your UCEAP account. If you plan on attending UCSB, your financial aid will be reinstated for the term you are returning. If you withdraw from your program after the program start date, you will be considered a post-departure withdrawal. Your award letter will be re-assessed based on your withdrawal date and the withdrawal calculation. Once the revision is complete, you will receive a billback from UCEAP. 

    *NOTE: Withdrawals may incur a minimum charge of $500 and are subject to additional fees. Please consult with your country’s finance accountant for fees related to withdrawals.

  • Changes in Your Financial Aid Award Letter

    Award letters for EAP students are based off of financial aid eligibility and are subject to change. Any change with your award letter will affect your UCEAP account balance. You are responsible for paying off any program fees and retracted financial aid disbursements.