EAP Checklist

Did you know your financial aid can follow you to your Education Abroad Program (EAP)? Once you have researched your study abroad programs and spoken to an EAP adviser, be sure to do the following:
  • Submit All Required Financial Aid Documents

    Submit all required financial aid documents including the FAFSA or DREAM Act Application by the deadline (March 2nd).
  • Apply for Scholarships (optional)

    Apply for scholarships through UCEAP, UCSB EAP and private scholarships six months prior to your program start date.
  • Understand your Financial Aid

    You may request an estimate of your financial aid by email at finaideap@sa.ucsb.edu (include your perm number, program, term, and country) or you can set up an appointment with a financial aid adviser. (**Please bring a copy of your program budget sheet to your appointment. The budget sheets are located at the UCEAP site, in the Money Matters tab of your program).
  • Designate a Relative or Other 3rd Party (optional)

    Designate a relative or other responsible party to act on your behalf. EAP students are strongly encouraged to designate a relative or other responsible party to act on their behalf by completing the following two forms:
    1. Power of Attorney: The person assigned Power of Attorney has the authority to conduct financial transactions in your place while you are abroad. This arrangement cannot be established once the student is abroad, as it requires notarization. For more information, visit the EAP Power of Attorney.
    2. Consent to Release: This from allows the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (OFAS) to release financial aid information to the third party that you designate. You may access this form on our Forms tab.
  • Accept Loans and Complete the MPN and Entrance Interview. (optional)

  • Request a Visa Letter (if required)

    All Fall 2020 programs have been cancelled. Please check the UCEAP site for more details.

    If you need proof of funds/financial aid to apply for a visa for your EAP program, please fill out the attached visa letter request form and email it to finaideap@sa.ucsb.edu.

    EAP Visa Letter Request Form

    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all visa letters will be sent via postal mail to the provided address. Please allow for additional processing time due to these constraints.
  • VETERANS: Submit Your Authorization Letter (if eligible)

    Submit your Authorization Letter to your UCEAP Finance Accountant if you have the Cal Vet Tuition Waiver.
  • Pay for Airfare

    You are required to pay for airfare up front and may be reimbursed when you receive your financial aid disbursement. Your aid will disburse no sooner than seven days before the start date of your program. Consider STA Travel.