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Attention Campus Partners!

We are accepting submissions for the 2023-2024 school year via our new online portal. Effective Fall 2023 quarter (2023-2024 AY) pdf forms will no longer be accepted.

Summer (M24) submissions will open up within the portal on May 28, 2024.

The deadline to submit 2023-2024 Undergraduate Student Resource Disbursement forms (including summer requests) is October 31, 2024. 

Don't see your account string as an option to award?

Please fill out the following Google Form which will allow you to add a new account string, or modify or remove an existing account string from the Undergraduate Resource Reporting portal. Please note: if your fund is not tied to a 78xxxx account, please work with the Accounting office first to setup a 78xxxx account and wait for confirmation that your new account is active PRIOR to submitting this request.
Please be aware that new account strings must have a class code established for payment to the student's BARC billing account, which can take a minimum of 2 weeks for set up before they can be added into the UGRR portal. 

Not able to get into the UGRR Portal?

If you are trying to gain access as a Preparer/Submitter, please have your department's Authorizer/Approver assign you access by going into the UGRR Portal under the "Reporting Permissions" section. Authorizers/Approvers are able to create or remove access for any of their department users (see instructions below).

If you are a new Authorizer/Approver for your department and need UGRR portal access, please email us at In your email please state that you need access as an Authorizer/Approver within the Undergraduate Resource Reporting portal. Please include your name, position/title, department name(s), department code(s), and UCSB Net ID.

Adding a new user pdf guide

How to Add a New User

Add a new user

How to Delete a User

Delete a User

For other processing related inquiries please contact (departmental use only).

Monarch Opportunity

2023-2024 Disbursement Form

***Important Financial Aid Impacts Regarding Departmental Awards***

This year, the Middle Class Scholarship (MCS) was revamped to vastly expand and change its way of determining eligibility. Any new awards received by the student will result in reductions or loss of eligibility of their MCS award. Below is a table that helps detail the changes:



Number of MCS recipients



Size of MCS awards

Max $4,399

Calculated per student and can be large (>$7,800)

Effect for students receiving a departmental award

None (these awards were never considered in the calculation for MCS awards)

Considered (All gift aid including departmental awards, stipends & scholarships will be calculated for MCS awards)

Implications for students of departmental awards

No change

Reduction in MCS (reduction amount varies per award)

Implications for departments


Likely to cause reductions to MCS

While changes to the program will result in more overall funding for our students, OFAS will no longer be able to accurately predict financial “need” for departmental scholarship recipients or determine the impact of those awards to a student’s overall financial aid package. In light of this, it’ll be important that departments use caution when speaking with students about departmental awards and their potential impact.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this major implementation. As always, OFAS is here to support you with any questions you may have.

MCS FAQs for Departments
Financial Aid Attachment for Student Awards