UCSB Grant and On-Time Status

UCSB Grant Awarding Policy

UCSB Grant is made available by the University of California and is awarded to undergraduate applicants considered on-time and determined to have sufficient financial need. This policy is designed to award students as fairly as possible with limited funding and guided by the goal of maintaining the affordability of the University.


On-time Status

Students who file a FAFSA or DREAM Act application after the California March 2 priority filing deadline and/or submit requested information after deadlines specified by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships cannot be guaranteed consideration for the UCSB Grant. Students who have failed to meet a deadline will be awarded on a first come, first served basis, subject to the availability of funding.

Students with extenuating circumstances that prevented them from meeting financial aid deadlines may submit an On-time Status Appeal. All appeals are subject to the availability of funding and may only be considered the first time an applicant fails to meet a deadline.

Please note that the following are generally not considered extenuating circumstances or situations beyond a student’s control that would warrant an appeal for on-time status:

  • Lack of knowledge of published financial aid deadlines and application procedures
  • Limited means of communication and/or access to computers, email, or the internet
  • Events that occurred after or not communicated to our office prior to deadlines
  • Failure to complete the FAFSA based on tax filing status if estimated information is available
  • Choosing to delay tax filing (tax extensions) and therefore being unable to meet financial aid deadlines
  • A parent’s refusal to provide information on the FAFSA or to our office
  • Insufficient financial aid as a result of missing priority deadlines