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Federal Work-Study Employers

  • Are there Training Opportunities Pertaining to the Work-Study Program?

    Scheduled training opportunities are available to on- and off-campus employers normally in late summer. For training regarding special topics or to request an individual training session for your organization, please contact the Work-Study Unit (

    On-Campus Work-Study Training Powerpoint Presentation

  • What is the Purpose of the Work-Study Program?

    The Work-Study Program (WSP) encourages the part-time employment of UCSB's undergraduate and graduate students. Their earnings help them to defray the cost of their education. To the maximum extent practicable, WSP positions should complement and reinforce a recipient's academic and/or career goals, serve the public interest and, whenever possible, directly involve the recipient in community service activities.

    Your agency can help us meet this goal by identifying existing and/or developing new employment opportunities within your organization and community.

  • How does Your Program Benefit My Agency?

    We offer a diverse applicant pool. Our students pursue a wide variety of personal, academic, and career interests. In so doing, they expand their skills, knowledge, experience and insight. They offer great potential to their prospective employers.

    We perform several key administrative functions for your agency:

    • Advertise current WSP employment opportunities through GauchoLink
    • Issue WSP Referrals to qualified students who wish to pursue these opportunities
    • Complete all employment and payroll paperwork for the WSP student employees you hire
    • Issue and receive monthly WSP time sheets
    • Issue monthly pay checks and update a monthly Invoice and Payroll Activity Report for agency reference
    • Assess and deduct all state and Federal income taxes, FICA, and Medicare contributions

    We conserve your agency funds. Our WSP funds pay a percentage of your student employee's gross wage. Your agency pays only the:

    • Matching Share (Non-Profits): Forty percent (40%) gross WSP wage earned
    • Matching Share (For-Profit): Fifty percent (50%) gross WSP wage earned
    • Administrative Fee: Ten percent (10%) gross WSP wage earned

  • Are there Any Special Regulations I Need to be Aware of?

    Federal guidelines dictate that the work performed by Work-Study Program (WSP) student employees must be in the public interest. Work performed "in the public interest" is defined as: "work performed for the national or community welfare, rather than for a particular interest or group." Specifically, work performed by WSP student employees may not:

    • Displace, supplant, or replace employed workers
    • Impair existing contracts for services
    • Fill jobs that are vacant because the employer's regular employees are on strike
    • Involve any partisan or non-partisan political activity associated with a candidate or with a contending faction or group in an election for public party office
    • Involve employment as a political aide for any elected official
    • Involve employment for an elected official who is not responsible for the regular administration of Federal, State, or local government
    • Involve any lobbying on the Federal or State level
    • Include employment for the U.S. Department of Education
    • Involve the construction, operation, or maintenance of any facility used or to be used for sectarian instruction or religious worship
    • Involve religious/sectarian instruction and/or worship
    • Involve work that primarily benefits the members of an organization that has membership limits, such as a credit union, a fraternal or a religious order, or cooperative
    • Depend upon a student's political support or party affiliation as a condition of employment

    This regulation prohibits WSP student employees from performing work intended to primarily serve the interest of the Organization. For instance, WSP student employees may not assist in membership and/or fund drives as such work primarily benefits the Organization although the primary interest of the Organization serves the public interest.

    Schools also may enter into agreements with private for-profit companies to provide off-campus jobs for students; however, these jobs must be academically relevant, to the maximum extent practicable, to the student’s program of study.

  • How does My Organization Apply?

    To become a Work-Study Employer, you must complete the following steps:

  • Work-Study Program Employer Handbooks

    Our office provides handbooks with extensive information about the Work-Study program:

  • Changes to Work-Study Job Board

    We have removed the Work-Study Job Board, and now employers can post Work-Study Job opportunities using GauchoLink! We feel that consolidating the Job Board function with GauchoLink will better serve our students and employers.

    What Happened to the Jobs I Posted on the Job Board?

    The Job Descriptions for any active jobs on the Job Board can be recovered using the Work-Study Archive. As students can no longer access the Job Board, we strongly encourage you to sign up for GauchoLink and repost any jobs for which you are still seeking candidates to GauchoLink.

    Can Non-Work-Study Students See the Jobs I Post?

    Yes, non-Work-Study students will be able to view Work-Study job postings, but only if they erroneously select Work-Study when performing their job search. In order to ensure that only Work-Study students apply, we strongly encourage you to indicate that the student must bring their Work-Study Referral with them if they are selected for an interview.

    Where Can I Get More Help?

    You can reach the UCSB Work-Study Office by email to for additional assistance. We understand that there will be a period of transition and will make every effort to assist you and address your concerns.

    Recovering Job Descriptions from Job Board

    Visit the Work-Study Archive and sign in to the archive using the same login information that you used for the Work-Study Job Board. All previously submitted job postings are listed, so that you may recover the information and resubmit the job(s) through GauchoLink

  • How Do I Post a Job?

    Signing Up

    • Visit the Career Services Employers section
    • Click GauchoLink Post a Position
    • Click Register
    • Complete all information on the web form and hit Submit
    • That’s it! Career Services staff will review your submission and issue your Username and Password to the email address provided

    Posting Jobs -- Employer Access Opens September 2, 2014

    • Visit the Career Services Employers section
    • Click GauchoLink Post a Position
    • Log-in using your Username and Password
    • Click Create Job Posting under Shortcuts on the right-hand side of your screen
    • Fill out all Position Information
    • Check Work-Study as the Position Type
    • Indicate that the student must bring their Work-Study Referral with them if they are selected for an interview

  • How do On-Campus Departments Participate in the Work-Study Program?

    On-Campus employment is one of the main ways students utilize the Work-Study Program. Students would submit to your payroll person a Work-Study Referral Form, which is then submitted to our office for processing. Further information on campus participation and guidelines is provided in the On-Campus Handbook (PDF).

  • How does Work-Study affect my financial aid award for the next Academic Year?

    Participating in the Work-Study Program does not have a negative impact on your financial aid award. Based on IRS filing requirements, you may or may not need to file a federal tax return; however, any Work-Study earnings will be removed from your reported total income on the FAFSA for the next academic year.