Scholarship Resources

  • Scholarship Search Tips


    Scholarships have certain eligibility criteria and requirements students must meet to apply. The following list are samples of these requirements:

    Full Time Status
    College Major
    Academic Achievement
    Financial Need
    Personal Background

    Dates and Deadlines

    Scholarships have strict deadlines students must follow. The following list are examples of important dates and deadlines:

    Application Opens
    Application Deadline
    Transcript Deadline
    Letters or Recommendation Deadline
    Award Ceremony
    Scholarship Check sent to UCSB

    The following websites have more information regarding finding scholarships online:

    FinAid: The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid

    Federal Student Aid: Finding and Applying for Scholarships

    Princeton Review: Tips for Finding College Scholarships

  • Scholarship Essay Builder

    Use the Scholarship Essay Builder (PDF) worksheet to brainstorm and draft a personal statement for the purpose of applying to scholarships. In this activity, students can describe their inspiration for continuing their higher education, recent obstacles they have overcame, current list of academic achievements, financial need, and contributions to the community.

  • Letters of Recommendation

    Requesting A Letter

    Request a letter of recommendation from faculty, staff, administrators or community leaders that are familiar of your accomplishments, aspirations, and academic achievements.

    The most formal approach of requesting a letter is by writing an email and attaching a resume along with a personal statement to keep that person up to date on recent accomplishments. Include the website or brief information on the scholarships you are trying to apply for to inform your mentor about the qualifications you wish to highlight. Ask for the letter to be printed or typed on a formal letterhead.