Non-Resident Funding

  • What is the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act (Section 702)?

    The Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act (VACAA) requires that all public institutions of higher learning waive excess non-resident tuition and fees for qualifying veterans and their dependents. This allows the qualifying veteran/dependent to pay in-state tuition, even if they are not considered a California resident.
  • Who qualifies as a covered individual under VACAA?

    To be eligible for the VACAA Non-Resident Tuition Waiver, you must be using the Post 9/11 GI Bill at the maximum benefit rate AND you must fall into one of the following categories:

    • A Veteran who lives in the state where the college is located (regardless of his/her formal state of residence) and enrolls in the school within three years of discharge from a period of active duty service of 90 days or more.
    • An individual using transferred benefits who lives in the state in where the IHL is located (regardless of his/her formal state of residence) and enrolls in the school within three years of the transferor’s discharge from a period of active duty service of 90 days or more.
    • Anyone described above while he or she remains continuously enrolled (other than during regularly scheduled breaks between courses, semesters, or terms) at the same school. The person so described must have enrolled in the school prior to the expiration of the three year period following discharge or release as described above and must be using educational benefits under either chapter 30 or chapter 33, of title 38, United States Code.

    As of Fall 2017, the following would also be considered covered individuals:

    • Anyone using transferred Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits who lives in the state where the IHL is located and the transferor is a member of the uniformed service who is serving on active duty.
    • Anyone using benefits under the Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship who lives in the state where the IHL is located (regardless of his/her formal state of residence).
  • If a student exhausts his or her entitlement or chooses not to use GI Bill benefits, must the school continue offering the in-state tuition rate?

    Yes. Qualified individuals who remain continuously enrolled will continue to receive the in-state tuition rate.
  • How can I be sure my non-resident fees are waived using VACAA waiver?

    Be sure to contact UCSB’s Veterans’ Benefits Office at (805)893-8905 or via email at to review eligibility. We will require a copy of the veteran’s DD-214 to confirm eligibility.
  • Is UCSB a Yellow Ribbon school?

    Yes! UCSB is a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program.
  • What is the Yellow Ribbon Program?

    The Yellow Ribbon Program can help assist in paying for nonresident tuition and fees at a public institution. Schools may voluntarily enter a Yellow Ribbon Agreement with the VA and choose the amount of tuition and fees that will be contributed. The VA matches that amount offered by the school and issues payment directly to the institution.
  • Who is eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program?

    Only Veterans entitled to the maximum benefit rate, as determined by service requirements, or their designated transferees may receive this funding. Active duty Service members and their spouses are not eligible for this program. Child transferees of active duty Service members may be eligible if the Service member is qualified at the 100 percent rate.

    To receive benefits under the Yellow Ribbon Program:

    • You must be eligible for the maximum benefit rate under the Post-9/11 GI Bill
    • You must not be on active duty or a spouse using transferred entitlement
    • Your school must agree to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program
    • Your school must have not offered Yellow Ribbon to more than the maximum number of individuals, as stated in their participation agreement
    • Your school must certify your enrollment to VA and provide Yellow Ribbon Program information

    You may be eligible if you fit the following circumstances:

    • You served an aggregate period of 36 months in active duty after Sept. 10, 2001
    • You were honorably discharged from active duty for a service-connected disability and you served 30 continuous days after Sept. 10, 2001.
    • You are a dependent eligible for Transfer of Entitlement under the Post-9/11 GI Bill based on the service eligibility criteria listed above.
  • How can I apply to be in the Yellow Ribbon Program at UCSB?

    Contact the VA Benefits Office at (805)893-8905 or email at for information on eligibility and to file an application. Funds are awarded on a first come first serve basis determined by the submission date of a complete application.
  • Where can I find more information for non-resident VA benefits?

    The VA website provides more information for both programs at the following links: